Buying a house or need Financial advice?

Whitehouse Financial Services

As well as making the buying process easy, we save you time and money by selecting the right independent mortgage advisor to assist you through the whole journey!

First Time Buyers

Getting on the property ladder to buy your first home can be incredibly stressful but we make it easier! Our mortgage advice services will guide you through the buying process and can answer all your important questions, putting your mind at ease and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Let us help you find the right adviser for you!

Buy to Let

Buy to Let Mortgages have almost become normality. At one time, it was difficult for investors to get into the market due to the strict lending criteria (aimed mainly towards professional landlords) however through our vast network it has never been so easy! Our expert providers have fully qualified mortgage advisers to assist you along the way. No matter the investment, we have several options available for you to find the perfect investment!


Remortgaging is where you pay off an existing mortgage on a property by getting a new one to replace it. You would normally do this before your fixed term ends & before your payments go onto the variable rate – we are here to make sure you don’t lose out and receive the best rate possible! Remortgaging a property can drastically improve a buyer’s financial circumstances if it’s done properly and gives you access to more money! It can be a better alternative to taking out a personal loan or if you need to consolidate any short-term debts.


Through our mortgage advice services, we can provide a bridging loan to give you the edge required before missing out! If you are a landlord, a property developer, or someone buying at auction this is important to you! Bridging loans are short-term, secured loans to finance the “bridge” (the gap) between the purchase of a new property until your mortgage has been approved, the sale of the new property, or waiting on your money from your remortgage to come in.

Bespoke Financial Planning Services

Speak with a Financial Planner and get your Financial Plan sorted! It’s a pretty important task in your life, whether you only have a few pennies or are rich! It’s important to know where your money is going & where you realistically would like to be financially in the future opposed to where you will be!

A Financial plan helps you see the “bigger” picture and helps you set long & short-term life goals. Start mapping out your financial future now before it’s too late!

Plan a “Financial Holiday” for when you retire so you benefit financial freedom, protect & plan what you want to leave your family when you depart. It’s a sore subject and one that most people don’t want to discuss but it’s crucial not to leave it behind!

There are many options to discuss & without a professional giving you advice you may get yourself in a financial mess especially if you were to put your wealth/assets in the wrong place. By speaking with a professional financial planner your money won’t just be in safe hands but they will also advise what the best route is to grow your wealth!